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Laura Kirkpatrick

An alumni of Swindon Art College and graduate from Lancaster University (BA Hons in Visual Arts), I am a Wiltshire based artist and mother of three. My artistic interest lies in exploring the space between the ‘Figurative’ and ‘Abstract’ and I find inspiration in nature and my surroundings. I primarily work in oils though often use watercolours or charcoal to create small pieces that I then use as collage elements in my paintings. I use these figurative instances for the same reason that I often like to give my works titles where possible - I’m interested in how they provide an invitation for the viewer and suggest a starting point for exploring the painting.


My paintings are journeys. They are the result of a process of finding and exploring a balance from sometimes disparate elements and visual tensions. I ultimately want to find an aesthetic unity but do a lot of experimenting along the way. The paintings are the embodiment of this experimentation and discovery and there are moments of triumph within them. 


Swindon Art College - Foundation

Lancaster University - Visual Arts (BA Hons)

Past Exhibitions, 


Marlborough Open Studios, Wiltshire 

McNeill Gallery, Wiltshire

Newbury Arts Collective, City Arts

Pond Croft Arts Solo Show, Bratton

Mount House, Marlborough

Trowbridge Museum

Newbury Big Cartel

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